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At the moment some integration courses are taught online, some in the classroom.
The general integration course consists of a maximum of six modules of language learning plus one module orientation course. Each module consists of 100 lessons (45 min). The language course ranges from A1 (modules 1 and 2) through A2 (modules 3 and 4) to level B1 (modules 5 and 6). When registering, we will do a quick placement test and recommend a start module. If you already have some knowledge of German, you can start in a higher module.

After the 6th module, there is an official language test - the German test for immigrants (DTZ). It confirms language skills at level A2-B1. This is followed by the orientation course, which also ends with a test, the test "Life in Germany" (LiD), also called naturalization test.

Anyone who wants to learn German can take part in an integration course for EUR 458 per module. However, with papers to show that you are entitled to participate in these state sponsored courses, the price immediately drops to EUR 229 per module, and you get completely free access to the placement test, the DTZ and the LiD!
Furthermore, there is the option of being reimbursed 50% of the costs paid once the DTZ and LiD have been passed. In certain cases, you may even be able to do the whole course for free to start with! If you already have integration course papers (called Certificate of Eligibility or "Confirmation of eligibility to participate in an integration course"), you can register directly with us. If you want to find out if you are eligible to get integration course papers, click below.
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Language learning intensity

The time schedules and the number of hours per week can be different.

Registration for integration courses with and without certificate of ELIGIBILITY

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